Treasure House Projects

For its long history, the Treasure House Russia has launched a various projects. Some of them relied on fashion trends, became a sensation, but over a certain time lost their relevance. Others were based on "eternal values," which is out of fashion and time. As a rule, such campaigns do not impress the jewelry market, but they do let their roots deep and long into it. Common for the both kinds of those is the search for creativity, fresh air, an emphasis on beauty. To reach this we rely not only on our craftsmen’s experience, but we also resort to cooperation with talented young people.

Today the huge holding Treasure House is realizing itself in the following projects:

1. Treasure House studio

These are the products of our jewelry artists, designers and craftsmen, their creative self-expression.

We never force them to do any commercial tasks - they are free to create in their own mode and realize their own ideas, because that's how you can achieve true creativity without making it over-commercialized. This is truly a unique project at today Russian jewelry market. We see our mission here as maintaining a sincere love for true art, and we believe that this is possible!

2. Platinum / Palladium

This is also a creative project, which has two main goals. First, it is promotion of platinum and palladium jewelry to the Russian market. Unfortunately, abroad these metals are much more affordable and they have a wider offer in the jewelry market. It is really difficult to find jewelry made of platinum or palladium in Russia, especially at an affordable price. We decided to change this situation.

The second hoal that we set before the Palladium project is to satisfy the demand for non-ordinary jewelry at an affordable price! "Palladium" is exactly the project for extraordinary people, emphasizing their individuality.

Our site: rings from platinum.

3. Custom made jewelry

Having such a rich experience, having conquered foreign design competitions, doing our job qualitatively, we could not but help sharing what we have with other connoisseurs of beauty. We are here to make a bespoke jewelry of our own design. This can be a private order for just one piece, for example, a necklace or a pair of earrings. It can also be a young jeweler or designer who’s just started his small jewelry business and want to develop it.

We have already five young brands that we have been cooperating with for many years - we manufacture products for them according to their intentions, and help them with advice and deed. We do not disseminate information about them on the Internet for ethical reasons.

Custom Jewelry Design

Artyom Kutyrev Jewelry Design.

We are ready to design and manufacture unique jewelry of any complexity!

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