A few people realize what a long and sometimes painful creative path goes through a jewel before we happily put them on in front of the mirror. I’d like to tell you how the jewel is born.

The work with a unique item or with a client starts with creating a pencil sketch. A customer and a designer coordinates together on this step – the necessary changes are made and finally the sketch acquires colors. Chalks or watercolors, gouache or pencils – everything in order to understand how it will look in color. Then materials and stones are selected. After approval a drawing is created in three projections on millimeter paper.

Custom design jewelry

In today world computer has replaced brush and paints – it’s easy to create a drawing in Corel Draw or 3D Max. Using these programs you can create a 3D model and it will not differ from a photo or a real jewelry. I like this method least of all. In my opinion, such items are “dead” because a person’s hand didn’t touch them.

The way that is more interesting to me is birth of a jewelry in the artist’s head and its further embodiment in metal by hand. Thus it’s difficult to imagine what it exactly will be till the very end of creation. This mystery fascinates me most.

  There are just a few of such talented jewelers. They are people who have various number of skills – one must have artistic imagination, good taste. It is also important to be acquainted with different kinds of materials, metals, woods used to create jewelry, how they behave. And also a perfect skill of using tools, possession of all jewelry techniques.

By my experience – training a specialist of this level acquires not only a talent, but also several decades of hard work. Only if a person has extraordinary talent, it may take 5-10 years. But by the hands of such craftsmen come out jewelry that definitely can be called author’s.

Keeping in mind an image of a jewel, the craftsman takes up the wax – this soft material performs the volume of future work. Next one can go in to ways. Due to the first way the model can be split into the elements, each of them will be processed separately. Then, by casting, they are get in the required metal and gathered. Next step is fixing stones, handle them manually, get the final result. The other method means completely do everything at once from metal, which is more laborious and requires better qualification.

The most valuable to me is jewelry made solely by the hands of the master, without use of any modern technology, though, if not a specialist, the difference is not well seen. For example, in our creative workshop there are only four artists capable of performing that task. Two of them are engaged with art for twenty five years and in 2014 they gained recognition of their skills at the Soul Bell Design Award (USA) Other two are still in the process of training because both of them work not more then 10 years. But their assertiveness makes them prospective.

Thus, individual orders, as well as exclusive jewelry, of course, are made by hands, and 3D modeling is ideally suited for products of mass demand where the assortment renewal is constantly required. Of course, all ways of creating jewelry have the right to exist, but the choice is up to you.

Vadim Churkin,

The owner of the company Treasure House.

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