How a bespoke jewelry is created

Why is it worthy?

- You want to realize your creative potential, to express your individuality by decorating yourself with the high jewelry by your own design

- You would like to make a gift for someone

- Or give him/her a gift card, so that the person is able to create it by himself with our support

Every unique jewelry has its own story. You need just a sketch to begin.

Start it right now - make a dream come true!

Custom design jewelry

Working with us maintain the following steps:

1. Consultation with a specialist.

Discussing the general concept, style, materials used, terms and cost of the final product.

2. According to your ideas, our artist creates various of sketches and agrees with you all the details.

You can provide us with your own sketch if desired.

3. Reconciling the 3D model.

At this stage the coordination of all the nuances is finalized. We proceed to the manufacturing process.

4. At each stage of the work you get a photo report and detailed comments, having the opportunity to regulate the process.

5. In the agreed terms you receive a materialized product of your imagination - a unique, exclusive jewelry,

- handmade work of the highest quality.

We are fully responsible for the quality. We give guarantees for all our works, good prices and give a refund if you decide to quit.

Our prons:

- The most talented and experienced craftsmen and jewelry artists, laureates of various awards and prizes, Grand Prix winners of the most prestigious international competitions

- We are unique specialists in working with platinum and palladium in Russia

- We do qualitative examination - we have our own gemologist, we cooperate with the best specialists of Moscow and those all over the world

- We work directly with the diamond exchange of Israel, which makes it possible not to raise prices for precious stones, and at the same time to get international certificates of quality GIA (Gemoligical Institute of America)

- We have 30 years of experience in both individual orders and small-scale production

- Best price / quality ratio

- There are no impossible tasks for us!


The cost of the final jewelry product, manufactured by our workshop starts from $ 150. The price depends on the number of items in the order, the materials and the stones used, the complexity of work and the skills of the master.

You get a sketch and design at the initial stage for free!

We are ready to design and manufacture unique jewelry of any complexity!